Machine Learning & AI Prompt Engineer, Technical Author

With over 7 years in the field, I have established myself as a specialist in machine learning, AI prompt engineering, and artificial intelligence.

My journey in these cutting-edge areas has been enriched by a diverse background in engineering, where I’ve applied model-based design and embedded software engineering across various sectors. This includes significant contributions to autonomous driving, aerospace engineering, and the armored vehicle manufacturing industry.

My primary focus, however, has been to leverage the transformative power of AI to create products that help solve real human problems.

Bridging Worlds: My Commitment to Connecting Technical Implementation and Business Expertise

Bridging the gap between business subject matter expertise and technical implementation.

At the heart of my professional journey, you’ll find a rock-solid dedication to communicating technical concepts to non-technical collaborators.

In my experience as an engineer, I’ve found that we technical people often fall into the trap of using overly complicated solutions and technical jargon. While it might seem like the right approach to us, it can actually hinder communication with non-technical individuals, making teamwork more difficult and less clear than it should be. For this reason, one of my primary focuses in collaboration is to use analogies and other non-technical examples to more effectively bridge the gap between business subject matter expertise and technical implementation.

I’m also a firm believer in the game-changing potential of AI, machine learning, and large language models (LLMs). They’re not just industry disruptors, but also tools to craft inclusive, user-friendly solutions that empower even those without a tech background.

My aim is to untangle the complexities of these technologies, making them accessible and valuable for a wide variety of business professionals. I’m committed to push the boundaries of AI, while sticking to principles of responsible and transparent tech use. I’m here to make a positive, long-lasting impact on society and the industries I serve.


I am the author of MATLAB Fast Automation: Automate Your Work With MATLAB, a testament to my commitment to making technology efficient and accessible.